Breast Augmentations without Implants

We understand that the desire to alter the size, shape, or overall appearance of your breasts comes from personal aspirations unique to you. Your reasons are deeply personal, and our mission is to support those desires. We are fully prepared to guide you on this journey. For numerous women, the proportion and aesthetics of their breasts play a significant role in feeling vibrant, alluring, and self-assured. Achieving a certain level of fitness and body shape through exercise is possible, yet if you find that your natural breast shape doesn’t align with your vision, surgical intervention might present the most effective solution.

What is Breast Augmentations without Implants?

Breast Augmentation is cosmetic surgery, medically known as Mammoplasty; this procedure is done to improve the breasts’ size and improve its shape. The surgery can be done with both implants and fat grafting methods. So, in simple words, breast augmentation without implants is done with fat grafting techniques instead of using implants.
Breast augmentation is done for several reasons like:
  • Increase the size of the small breasts naturally.
  • Restore the size of the breasts after conditions like pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight loss.
  • Restore the symmetry of breasts.
  • Restoring breast size after major surgery.

The procedure of Breast Augmentation through fat grafting

The fat grafting procedure at Laragh Medical is meticulously planned and executed with precision. Prior to the procedure, we ensure that you are fully informed and comfortable with your decision. It is crucial to consult only with a board-certified plastic surgeon. We encourage you to discuss the procedure in depth with your surgeon and to ask for before-and-after photos of patients who have undergone breast augmentation with them. You will also be asked to provide a comprehensive medical history to our team.
On the day of your surgery, your surgeon will conduct a thorough examination and mark the specific areas on your body from which excess fat will be harvested using advanced liposuction techniques. This not only contours the areas with excess fat but also prepares the fat for transfer. The harvested fat is then treated and purified before being strategically injected into the breasts using the Expansion Vibration Lipofilling (EVL) technique, aiming to enhance breast volume.
Our surgical team will create a detailed plan indicating:
  • The locations for fat harvesting.
  • Your desired breast size and shape.
  • The precise locations for surgical incisions.
  • This thorough approach ensures that you are well-informed and comfortable throughout your journey to achieving your desired breast augmentation results at Laragh Medical.


At Laragh Medical, the recovery period for an auto-augmentation breast lift typically ranges from 48 to 72 hours. Many of our patients find themselves able to resume work a few days post-surgery. However, it’s important to refrain from exercise and heavy lifting for at least four weeks. During this recovery phase, wearing a lightweight surgical compression bra is advised to minimise swelling. It’s worth noting that breast tissue heals gradually, and fully returning to an unrestricted lifestyle may take four to five weeks.
Our team will provide comprehensive post-operative care instructions, including how to look after your incision sites, which medications to take, and scheduling your follow-up visit. While an improvement in appearance is noticeable almost immediately, achieving the full benefits of the surgery as the tissue heals and swelling decreases can take between six months to a year. Once healed, you’ll notice a more youthful and naturally shaped breast.
A reduction in bra size post-surgery is common and results from the removal of excess skin to achieve firmer, more sculpted breasts. It’s important to remember that natural factors such as aging and weight changes can affect the elasticity of your skin and, consequently, the appearance of your breasts over time. Maintaining a stable, healthy weight is key to enjoying long-lasting results from your breast lift.