Butt Implants

Bum implants, also known as buttock implants and buttock augmentation, are artificial implants inserted into the buttock area to create more volume and a shapelier look.


Having prominent curves and roundness around the buttocks is considered a staple feminine look. This is why; achieving a full and round look around the butt area is important for a lot of women. Buttock implants can give you that roundness and curvy look you have been dreaming about.


A round look is not complete without some great volume. Bum implants enhance the size of your buttocks and help you achieve a balanced posterior. You’ll find that your favourite jeans can now fit you like a glove.


In addition to a round and full look, bum implants also help you achieve a more toned bum area. A perkier and more toned butt emphasises a youthful and healthy body. If you have been bothered by your saggy buttock area, bum implants can be a great solution.

What can bum implants provide?

We understand that achieving a balanced and harmonious body proportion can be a challenge, particularly if you find yourself with a slim and less voluminous buttocks, especially in contrast to larger breasts. Individual differences in how our bodies distribute fat mean that for some, no amount of diet or exercise can create the fuller, more shapely buttocks they desire.
Buttock implants present an excellent solution for those who find that genetics haven’t provided them with the desired contour of their lower body. Opting for buttock enhancement through implants is particularly appealing as it offers permanent results that can be customised to align with your individual aspirations, ensuring you achieve the look you’ve always wanted.

Eligibility for butt implants:

Buttock implants have garnered significant attention in recent years, driven by the growing aesthetic appeal of fuller, more sculpted buttocks. However, before considering buttock implants, it’s crucial to determine whether you’re an ideal candidate for this procedure.
At Laragh Medical, a good candidate for buttock implants is someone who is in overall good health and is a non-smoker or willing to quit smoking before and after the surgery to facilitate better healing.
Ideal candidates often possess a naturally flat buttocks and are looking to enhance its shape and volume. Additionally, if you’ve experienced sagginess due to ageing or weight loss and desire a more youthful, curvaceous silhouette, buttock implants might be the right choice for you.
Should you meet these criteria, we encourage a consultation with our experienced surgeon at Laragh Medical to confirm your suitability for buttock implants and discuss how we can help you achieve your desired outcome.