Our Team

Michelle Furey - Managing Director & Founder

Michelle Furey is a National Award Winning advanced aesthetician, and Non Surgical Specialist. Trained by the Industries leading specialists in aesthetics, she holds her accreditations from prestigious universities such as the University of Aesthetics. She was named by the university as student of the year 2018, the first ever international student to achieve this.

Spending over 25+ years in the Industry. Michelle Furey is known as one of Ireland’s, most trusted Advanced Master Specialist Aesthetician/ Non Surgical Specialist. She is at the forefront of leading Aesthetic & Cosmetic consultancy, and one of the best Non Surgical Specialist within Ireland. She is the recipient of several notable nominated awards, as well as the 2 in a row winner of the prestigious All Star Business Awards. She is also the only Non Surgical Specialist to received a Humanitarian award for her charity work on rebuilding the faces of Domestic Violence Survivors and the facial masculinisation or feminisation of the Transgender Community.

She has been trained by some of the top Aesthetics/Cosmetic Institutes, in the field, such as the prestigious University of Aesthetics, and several well-known universities in Europe. Impressively holding over 60+ qualifications to her name. There is truly little Michelle does not know about the Industry.

Having been trained, and worked alongside some of the leading names in Cosmetic and Aesthetics in the world, such as Renowned GP/Antiwrinkle Specialist/Educator Dr Namir Mohammad Dublin Ireland. Sculpting Specialist Dr Bilal Malik of Harley Street UK & Pakistan, Celebrity Plastic Surgeons, Dr Alberto Di Giuseppe of Milan Italy. She has worked with several plastic surgery companies who have phenomenally successful practices.

Her own business the JeJuve Clinic currently works with many Tv Productions within National broadcasters , and she has appeared in commissioned shows produced by as Virgin Media, RTE, and BBC. She has been a researcher and a consultant and subject of many journalistic articles in magazines/newspapers & Documentaries within media Industry

Tanya Clarkin - Managing Director & Founder

Tanya Clarkin is at the helm of our organisation as the Managing Director, where she leverages over three decades of extensive experience in business and entrepreneurship to guide our direction and strategy. Her journey is marked by a keen eye for opportunity.

Tanya’s entrepreneurial spirit was further ignited when she partnered with Michelle, combining their expertise to lead our organisation towards new horizons. Her vast experience encompasses a wide array of business domains, providing her with a deep understanding of what it takes to thrive in competitive markets.

Under Tanya’s leadership, our team is inspired to exceed the standards of excellence and innovate continuously. Her strategic vision, coupled with a hands-on approach, ensures that our organization not only meets but surpasses the expectations of those we serve. Tanya embodies the essence of leadership with a blend of experience, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of success.

Darius Bagdanavicius

Areas of work: consultations, aesthetic facial rejuvenation injections, surgical operations: breast augmentation (with implants or the patient’s own fat), breast reduction, breast lifting, abdominal plastic, liposuction, body contouring, plasticization of fallen upper eyelids, eyebrow lifting, etc.

Marius Kaseta

Specialist otolaryngologist, head and neck surgeon. He is experienced in this field for over 20 years. I perform over 250 surgeries per year. We can offer wide spectra of head and neck surgeries: Rhinology- septoplasty, rhino septoplasty, septum perforation plasty, functional endonasal sinus surgery. Otology- plastic ear surgery, tympanostomy, myringoplasty. Pharyngology- adenoidectomy, tonsillectomy, snoring, and sleep apnoea surgeries. Laryngology- all vocal fold surgeries, as well as voice surgeries, conservative laryngeal oncology surgery- partial laryngectomy, trachea resection due to stenosis. Also- salivary gland surgeries; cheek, chin, mandibular angle implant surgeries

Antanas Mickevičius

Specialization in minimally invasive (laparoscopic) treatment of abdominal hernias, esophagus, gastroesophageal reflux (GERD), diseases of the stomach and intestines Language Lithuanian, English, Russian Prof. Med. Dr. Antanas Mickevičius consults and performs operations in adults for hernias of the groin, navel, abdominal wall, diastasis of the abdominal muscles, gastroesophageal reflux, gallstones. Many of his operations are performed by a minimally invasive (laparoscopic) method

Liz Melia - Team Coordinator

Liz Melia stands as the primary point of contact within our organisation, embodying the bridge between our team and our valued partners and clients. With a rich background that spans across customer service, operations, logistics, and project management, Liz brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Her journey in the industry includes six years of impactful contributions in sales and five years of driving success in operations and project management.
What truly sets Liz apart is her personal journey as a bariatric patient. This experience has not only enriched her understanding but also made her an incredibly relatable and empathetic point of contact for those navigating similar paths. Liz’s unique blend of professional experience and personal insight ensures that every interaction is met with both the highest level of professionalism and a deeply rooted sense of understanding and empathy.

Dr.Hani Mahdi

Dr.Hani Mahdi is a skilled dental and facial aesthetics professional with a Master’s degree in Facial Aesthetics from Italy.
With a passion for enhancing facial features and promoting confidence through aesthetic procedures,
Dr.Hani brings a unique blend of expertise in dentistry and facial aesthetics to every patient interaction.
Dr.Hani strives to provide personalized care and exceptional results for each individual.

Mr. A Jeya Prakash

Dr. Jeya Prakash completed his FRCS (ED) IN 1987. He served in the NHS for fourteen years before setting up his own practice and has been performing aesthetic procedures since 1988. He keeps abreast of the latest developments and procedures in his field and is widely recognised as one of the efficient exponents of new techniques.
The ultimate goal of Dr. Jeya Prakash is to aid graceful ageing and this is borne out by his surgical and nonsurgical results, which are wonderfully natural looking. He believes in realistic expectations and promises his patients a good improvement, but not unattainable perfection. He is known for his honesty and clarity of explanation when discussing what is achievable with clients, whilst always making them aware of the limitations of the treatment.